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Kraken is a trading platform without flaws, the only drawback of which is that on it is not as easy to enter as everyone would like. This complexity is primarily due to the fact that the kraken onion website is prohibited by law in many countries and therefore limited in free access. It is located in the dark part of the Internet, in the .onion zone where everyone in a row cannot reach. Therefore, answering the question “How to enter the Kraken Darknet”, we suggest performing a few simple manipulations. So:

1.Download the Tor browser. It works on the territory of the darknet and will easily take you to the address. If you are accessing from a PC, then download it from the official site. If you are planning to visit the Kraken from your mobile, then Googleplay and Apstor have TOR browser applications, which can be downloaded and installed on your device. If you don't have the slightest desire to install additional browsers, you can access in.k2web.cc from a regular browser with VPN enabled.
2. We pass the registration of a personal account. Create a username and password, and then enter them in the empty fields. Remember this information for the next entrance to the Kraken. Do not use data that was used to register on other resources.